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Laiya Ltd., Part. was found since 1989. We are a quality nufacturer and exporter of the wide range wooden products. We are expert in the handicrafts, home decorative items, gifts and souvenirs. We are also the members of the "Selected List" and "Exporter List" of the Thai government's Department of Export Promotion (DEP).

Normally, our wooden products could be sorted to two categories. One is the carving wood, such as dolls, animals, pillar and etc. Most of them are made from a monkey pot or acacia wood. The other is the turned-wood, which is made from a mango wood. It is turned with a lathe, to be a vase , bowl, and box shape.

Our unique and most modern designs, quality assurance and punctuality of delivery are our main policies. Most of products are produced with nature and environmental concerns in mind. Wooden materials, all we used, are the economic trees, which are grown to be replaceable and used for this purpose.

High-grade raw materials are used with the findest craftsmanship and strict quality controls on every item.

Moreover, there are over 100 workers assigned to work in different stages of the production circles. Our company is not only in helping the villagers to be employed, but also encouraging them to preserve their local wisdom of the handicraft products by passing them from generation to generation.

Tel: (66) 053 332837, 053 332112, 053 390985 FAX: (66 53) 331736
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